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When you or your family experiences the loss of a loved one because of an unexpected accident, it is one of the most devastating tragedies your family can face. Imagine the additional pain you would feel if you knew it could have been avoided if someone had not been neglectful or careless. Although you might be hesitant about contacting a lawyer in this type of situation, by doing so as soon as possible, we have a greater chance of success in protecting valuable evidence and identifying the correct order of events and witness testimony.

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Under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act, families are protected as it allows them to recover economic damages, which includes medical costs before the death, along with the loss of earnings for the victim’s presumed life expectancy. In addition, victims may be entitled to compensation for loss of society, companionship and consortium. In situations where the victim did not suffer immediate death, under the Illinois Survival Act, the family may be entitled to additional compensation. This includes any physical and mental suffering the deceased person incurs between the time of the accident and the time of the victim’s death.

Our firm is highly experienced in wrongful death cases. We understand how devastating it is to experience the loss of a loved one due to a tragic accident. Your case will be handled with compassion along with a passion for seeing that justice is served. 

The following list documents the types of wrongful death cases we can handle for our clients.

Tragedy caused by negligence of another party such as:

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